Corona Virus and access to education

COVID -19 pandemic has affected people and governments globally bringing out deep-rooted problems, especially in the medical and education sector. In a matter of weeks, COVID-19) has changed how students are educated around the world. Those changes give us a glimpse at how education could change for the better – and the worse – in the long term. With the […]

The U.S. Withdrawal from the WHO: The Complications

Introduction Diseases have been an integral part of human life, be it the 1918’s Spanish flu[1] or the recent COVID-19. However, it was when the United Nations became concerned about International public health that the World Health Organization was brought into existence[2]. It is always being said that “With great power comes, great responsibility” however, in the context of the […]

Analysing World Trade Organisation through the Lens of Global Justice (Part 2)

3.3 Accessibility Crisis DSU provides an equal opportunity for the member countries to approach the institution for remedies. However, it has been noticed that weak economies are less found or have not been found as any of the complainants in more than  20  years of  DSU.  From the African continent, so far only Egypt has appeared as a respondent in […]

Development of Environmental Laws & Regulations in India with respect to Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and EIA Draft 2020

Environment rules & regulations in India since decades have seen moderate growth in terms of the development of framework and implementation of laws and regulations. The Environment Protection Act hastily came into existence in 1986 only after the occurrence of Bhopal Gas Tragedy in 1984. The prevalence of poverty since the early phases of independence and a disaster which could […]

Analysing World Trade Organisation through the Lens of Global Justice (Part 1)

Thomas Pogge argues in his writing, “World Poverty and Human Rights” that the economic order is shaped by the better off by imposing it on the worst off [i]. He continues it further and says that there are two kinds of obligations- First, being the negative moral obligation that one should refrain from doing anything which inflicts pain or suffering […]

The Educational Distress and its Solution in Compromise

“विद्याधनम्सर्वधनंप्रधानम”(Vidhya Dhanam Sarva Dhanam Pradhanam) is a famous Sanskrit proverb which translates that the giving or imparting of education holds the highest of virtues among any other kind of giving or charity. But in today’s world creation and registration of a trust or society to sell it off for the highest bid in future to an educationist willing to start […]

New Education Policy: A Critical Analysis

The New Education Policy, 2020 (“NEP 2020”) that was announced on 31 July 2020 has captured a mixed bag of response, some astonished by its liberal flexible claims while some endured uneasiness and shockwaves. The 10+2 system that was in place has been replaced by 5+3+3+4, wherein the first five years is aimed at foundation education, the next three for […]