Praxis Education Trust – Certificate No: IN-DL81225191108021R

Praxis Education Trust was founded on 13 th May, 2019.

The fundamental purpose behind the idea of Praxis is breaking the shackles of the current education system of India. We work in the domain of Access to Education and public welfare through counter-specific programmes, Skill Training, Legal Awareness, Sensitization (Gender, Health, Menstrual Health and Hygiene, Mental Health).
Our aim is to empower the youth, students and individuals studying in schools and colleges to become critical stakeholders in the change-making, democratic and development process of India.


United Nations

Right to Information and
Legal Literacy


Soft Skills

Presentation skills

Interviews Preparation

Research and Writing

Praxis in collaboration with One Nation youth conducted a pad distribution and sensitisation drive in Chikkaballapur , Karnataka. We distributed about 3500 pads amongst 600 girls. We also conducted a sensitization camp wherein the girls were given all relevant knowledge and details about menstruation as a process and menstrual health and hygiene by our volunteers.


'Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can' - Arthur Ashe

I believe in these words and I think Praxis Education Trust is a living example of the same. They have truly proved that there is no right time or right stage in life to start something and lead it with so much passion.
Having worked with them earlier, I must say that the team at Praxis is extremely driven, motivated, talented and accomodating. They have vast knowledge about their areas of specialisation and to complement that they know how to engage their audience with exceptional oratory skills and sensitivity. This becomes extremely crucial when engaging with different audiences coming from different walks of life.

Mehak Jain

This is a fantastic initiative! The idea of Praxis is inspiring and motivating I fully believe in their vision and commitment. And I am sure that they will achieve absolute greatness. I am looking forward to working with them to the best of my abilities.

Pranay Nath Lekhi

Praxis Education Trust is a young Initiative led by law students. It is inspiring to see that children these days have imbibed the feeling of giving back to society at a very young age. May god bless them always.

CEO, Harikrishan S. Holla