I. INTRODUCTION The novel coronavirus (“COVID-19”) has swept across the globe adversely affecting economies, trade, health, education, and most importantly, the lives of many. The United Nations Development Programme has referred to COVID-19 as the greatest challenge that mankind has faced since World War II. As of 28th October 2020, the virus has affected 4,35,40,739 people with approximately 1,160,650 casualties. […]

Criminal Law Principles in Indian Jurisprudence and the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, 1967: A Critique

Criminal procedural law has been formulated with the interest of balancing punitive measures arising from a criminal breach of substantive law with civil liberties of citizens so as to ensure that even if ten guilty men roam free, not one innocent man is punished[i]. While formulating the Indian Criminal Procedural Code (“CRPC’), key considerations made were that the procedure must […]

Busting misconceptions about the LGBTQIA+ community: Part 2

What factors cause homophobia? Homophobia pertains to discrimination and hate crimes against the members of the LGBTQIA+ community. It has been found in studies like The Roots Of Homophobia – Putting Freud To The Test[1] people with such prejudices tend to hold the following attitudes and opinions: Have few  or  no friends from the LGBTQIA+ community  Might have grown up […]

Voyeurism: The Silhouetted Crime in India

Introduction Voyeurism is a type of disorder in which there is an interest in achieving sexual arousal by just watching the unsuspecting and/or non-consenting persons undress or engage in any form of sexual activity. Voyeurism can be described as a form of paraphilia, which involves the practice of the individual acquiring sexual gratification or deriving sexual pleasure by observing another […]

Tribal Health and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Introduction Since the colonial period tribal and Adivasis have been subject to poverty, discrimination, land indebtedness, poor health and sanitation system, and lack of education. They were and they are the most deprived section of our society. They are still on the same page as if they are not the part of a community which requires social and economical development. […]