Tribal Health and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Introduction Since the colonial period tribal and Adivasis have been subject to poverty, discrimination, land indebtedness, poor health and sanitation system, and lack of education. They were and they are the most deprived section of our society. They are still on the same page as if they are not the part of a community which requires social and economical development. […]

Revisiting the concept of Foreign Sovereign Immunity: Can an Indian Citizen sue China?

Introduction Foreign Sovereign Immunity or State immunity, (not to be confused with sovereign immunity or the king can do no wrong doctrine) is a concept of international law which is concerned with the protection of a state from being sued in the court of law of a foreign land. The necessity to revamp this concept amidst the COVID-19 crisis has […]

The legal position of online harassment in India: Analysis, Critique and the way ahead.

INTRODUCTION: The greatest gift to mankind from the scientific community has been the invention of information technology and the associated communication technologies in the last decade of the 20th century. With the increase in access to these advancements, there are certain risks involved around aspects of online harassment. Online harassment is on the rise in India, with eight out of […]

Staged Encounters: A Stain on Justice Delivery System

Introduction The recent encounter of the notorious criminal, Vikas Dubey brings into limelight the issue of extrajudicial killings. Extra-judicial killings also known as arbitrary executions signify the targeted assassinations of suspected criminals. Nevertheless, sometimes the policing authorities need to use such force for self defence, protection of others, so on and so forth. These killings signify the excesses done by […]


INTRODUCTION: We all have come across various films which show forensic inspection at the crime scene to find who is the accused behind a particular crime. But how do the forensic scientists really work and what is the science behind their work is a matter to be studied and looked upon. Forensic science is also labelled as criminalistics. The work […]

Endorsement and Accountability of Influencers

Who is an influencer? An influencer in simple words is any person who can influence others buying decisions. Influencers are people who have established credibility and audience, and they can persuade others by virtue of their trustworthiness and authenticity. When an influencer endorses a product, it makes an impression on the people especially their fans thereby inclining them towards the […]

Caste and Politics

Introduction: Many argue today that caste is neither a relevant nor an essential factor to the electoral processes in India.  However, some claim otherwise. Many blocs and associations are created within different constituencies based on caste. People prefer to vote the candidate who belongs to their caste without taking into consideration of the candidate’s merits, maybe by doing so they […]