Welcome to The Social Chronicle.

Our objective behind launching this blog is to act as a platform for discourse and deliberation on Socio – Economic Issues, Public Policy with emphasis on possible solutions and Law & Society.

With changing times, it is imperative to talk about the issues that go unnoticed. India has a population of 1.3 Billion People, with each fighting their own battles as stakeholders of the largest democracy in the world. We believe that is essential to bring these issues into light and suggest possible solutions for the same to promote the role of ‘Citizen Action’ in the democratic process.

This Blog shall live to its motto “Of the people, By the people and For the people”  by providing an opportunity to every individual to pen her/his thoughts, views and opinions without any biases or fear.

This blog aims to accommodate long as well short articles, reflecting upon issues pertaining to Socio-Economic-Political, Legal and Public Policy related agendas and issues in India.

The Editorial Board for the blog constitutes of professionals and students who are socially sensitive and legally active. The team upholds the importance of free but responsible speech and dialogue, and welcomes writers and authors to share their views with us.

We are all looking forward to your active and responsible participation.

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